Video Translation Services

Video translation is one of the most frequently sought after translation services. Professional video translation are usually paraphrased in on-screen text to give the right meaning of the spoken dialogue in the time constraints of a video. Also, this solves the difficulty of length expansion, whereby a literal translation of a source language often results in more words than in the target language, resulting in a lesser understanding. It also saves the producer time as he does not need to rewrite lengthy passages to retain the sense of brevity of a monotonous scene.


Although there is a great demand for video translation services, many people still regard it as a specialist job. In countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, there are many local languages spoken, making it difficult to use common languages like English or Spanish, especially when the subjects and topics of discussions are highly technical, such as in engineering or medicine. In addition, many people feel intimidated by native speakers in such situations, despite the best efforts of cultural diversification. For these people, subtitles provided by professional translators are an ideal solution.


When we use the subtitles option, the translator crops the language content to fit the specified description boxes, which give a clear idea of what the video is about. In order to make the most of video translation services, the translators should be highly skilled in both the languages they are translating. Video subtitles should be provided with the original and translated version, which should be followed by a translation of key phrases that are important in context. The final draft should be thoroughly checked for errors before being submitted to the client. It is advisable to create a ‘proof read’ copy for your final copy before you send it to the client.

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