The Konica Minolta Accuriopress C 1400 Massage Chair

The Konica Minolta Accuriopress C 1400 Massage Chair

The Konica Minolta Accuriopress c 1400 accuriopress c14000 FTG is a hand held massager that features multiple technologies including electric motors, variable speed fans, air and water therapy, and contoured textured foam for maximum comfort. The massage chair has a variety of head support systems and scissor systems. The front head rest and the back of the chair come with high-ride suspended access equipment systems and scissor systems. Both the front and back of the seat can be ordered with interchangeable foot rests in the Style A and Style B styles.


The Konica Minolta Accuriopress c 1400 is ideal for home use due to its lightweight design, however it can also be used in the work place due to the heavy duty motor. The chair can be used as a massage chair or can be used on a normal computer chair. The chair has an automatic shut off timer and an auto start timer. This massage chair has a dual-axis motor with variable speed and variable braking power.


The arms of the konica minolta accuriopress c 1400 have a very long cord. There are four high-grade wheels that have aluminum casters. The chair reclines and opens easily. The chair is very comfortable when it is seated and the armrests provide very good lumbar support. The controls are easy to use and programmable. The seat can be reclined very far back, allowing someone with severe back pain to enjoy a massage.

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