How to Start a Medical cannabis Store in Canada

The Ontario cannabis retail Corporation (OCSC), operating as Ontario cannabis store (OCS, French: Sociit outre du cannabis) is a government organization that governs online retailing of cannabis in Canada. However, the state governments of Quebec and Ontario also regulate online sales of cannabis by requiring pharmacies to sell medical cannabis only. The OCSC was formed in 2021 in response to the fact that several provinces in Canada were introducing new laws criminalizing cannabis possession, while leaving the possession and cultivation of cannabis illegal under federal law.

Start a Medical cannabis Store.

Licensed producers of medical cannabis are not licensed to sell cannabis for consumption or personal use under the Ontario cannabis sales tax of $7.ences per transaction. Therefore, these producers must register with the Ontario government in order to sell their products to online cannabis stores. It is important to note that despite the fact that the producers and sellers of medical cannabis in Ontario are subject to the laws of the providences in which they operate, the OCSC does not ban any type of cannabis retailer from operating, even if it breaks one of the existing laws that govern online cannabis sales in Canada. Although the OCSC does not have the power to police cannabis retailers, it does impose several strict measures on the suppliers of medical cannabis and has even gone as far as banning the importation of cannabis seeds and other cannabis products from Canada or importing the fruits of cannabis cultivation, regardless of whether they are imported from another country. Importers of cannabis seeds or products face the risk of facing serious penalties, including heavy fines and possible jail terms.

As noted, the OCSC enacts several laws that govern licensed producers, distributors and retailers of cannabis, such as the mandatory registration and payment of the Marijuana Criminal Records Act (MMR Act), which is a nationwide criminal code that makes it illegal to buy or sell cannabis, except in specific cases, such as those pertaining to the importation of cannabis seeds or products from Canada or certain medical purposes. Since the MMR Act only makes it illegal to grow or produce cannabis, anyone who owns or manages an indoor cannabis store in Ontario is in violation of their province’s laws. Should you be stopped by the police for suspicion of breaking the law, your choice of an alternative will be the cancellation of your cannabis store’s license to operate. However, since there are no nationwide laws against cannabis possession, you may choose to patronize other types of licensed producers and retailers from other countries without fear of violating their laws.

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