How to Clean Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs

kilim rugs

There are a few different ways to clean vintage turkish kilim rugs. If you don’t have time to go to the trouble of buying a rug, you can use a gentle cleaning solution of vinegar and water. If you’re using a kilim rug for indoor use, you can use a mild soap or carpet shampoo. The vinegar in the solution prevents colors from bleeding. The solution should be applied with a soft brush, as harsher cleaning methods may damage the delicate fibers of the rug.


One of the main advantages of kilim rugs is that they can make drab spaces look vibrant and comfortable. Many of them feature striking patterns and vivid color palettes that instantly make a space look elegant and beautiful. And the rugs’ history makes them a treasured part of the interior design world. However, they’re more than just a floor covering. A kilim rug can add beauty to any room, and it can even help hide an unsightly wall.

Despite the fine weaving of a kilim rug, there’s no denying that its striking appearance will evoke a feeling of awe. These rugs’ fine and intricate patterns are often characterized by a stepped effect. Moreover, kilims’ muted colors are a unique way to highlight a picture. The primary colors of kilims are yellow and orange, which tend to look warm together. Cooler tones are used to balance the palette and make points of contrast. Other examples of kilim rugs include classical Turkish motifs, pomegranate fronds, and other botanicals. Some are even adorned with a medallion.

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