Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

health retreat sunshine coast

If you’re looking for the perfect escape from everyday life, consider a health retreat Sunshine Coast, Australia. These holistic wellness programs can literally add years to your life. In addition to the natural, therapeutic healing of yoga and meditation, these programs often include a goody bag and a supportive community. The price of the Recharge Weekend Retreat is $350 per person, while the other options cost more. And all of them come with a professional facilitator.

What Will Happen With Office Workers in Case Of Health Retreat On The Sunshine Coast, Australia

The Renew Health Retreat is a private, boutique resort that specializes in health retreats. This beachfront location is famous for its white sand beaches and lush sub tropical hinterland. It is also home to national parks and glasshouse mountains, and the changing climate of the area makes it an ideal spot for a retreat. The retreat is small and offers the finest program, including group exercise sessions each day. For those looking for a more intense wellness retreat experience, the Noosa Forest is a great option. It features healthy grass roots accommodations and a private wellbeing program.

The Goodsky Mental Health Retreat is a sustainable and eco-friendly facility that focuses on holistic wellness. Located on the Sunshine Coast, this facility offers an ideal setting right on the beach. The yoga instructors here use basic Ayurvedic principles and prescribe specific postures. Living Valley Wellness Center is a holistic health center that focuses on medically-designed programs to help people lose weight and improve their mental and physical well-being. The town of Gympie is a great location for a health retreat and offers five supermarkets, including Big W, Lincraft, and Bunnings.

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