Garden Water Features

garden water features

In modern garden design and landscape architecture, a garden water feature is any item in a wide range of geometrical shapes, fountains, ponds, streams, jets, artificial rivers, and pools. These items can be made from concrete, stone, slate, stainless steel, copper, acrylic, bamboo, slate, granite, marble, soapstone, terrazzo, or any other natural or synthetic material. In Western culture, the garden water feature may consist of a simple basin surrounded by stepping stones or a small bridge leading into a larger pond or stream. Some garden water features have waterfalls or fountain-like structures, where a cascade of water is trickling down from a higher platform. Many garden water features imitate natural features such as birdbaths, groves of palm trees, ponds, canals, rivers, streams, and lakes.

The most popular garden water features

One of the most popular garden water features in use today is a fountain-like feature. Most fountains are made of slate or stone and are available in single models or as part of large structures that contain multiple ponds and jets. A popular example of this type of garden water features is a cascading sandstone feature that contains a bench attached to its base. The bench has a seating area for people to sit and enjoy the water flowing down on them. This type of structure usually contains a small pump which is used to add the water to the fountain.

Other types of garden water features include sinks, basins, birdbaths, and wellbore features. A sink feature may be a simple basin with a surface for washing utensils and other everyday items. A basin is often incorporated into a structure that contains a pond or fountain, and there are models that have both a fountain and a basin. Birdbaths are used to attract birds and provide a relaxing, peaceful place to sit and watch. Wellbores are designed to look like streams and are built into other structures. All of these structures are designed to enhance the beauty of the landscape and provide serenity to visitors.

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