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Information About Land Surveys

Land Surveying – land surveys is the science, profession, art, and craft of determining the three dimensional or terrestrial positions of locations and the angles and distances between them. A land surveyor is called a land surveyor. Land surveying has been around for thousands of years. In the United States, the first surveying methods were based on maps of the day that showed the country in its most unspoiled state. It was not until later that the computerized nature of land survey techniques were used to find and measure properties. The first surveyors were farmers who were interested in the location of crops and animals. This process involved measuring distances between plots of land, such as the number of fawns, the length of the boundaries, the width of the fields, the slope of the fields, and the thickness of the soil.

land surveying

Information About Land Surveys

A modern version of surveying utilizes sophisticated computerized techniques for precise measurement and the accurate placement of property lines, fences, and other boundary structures. Surveys also require knowledge of the geography of the area being surveyed. Geographical data are usually acquired by using aerial photography and ground surveys and then entered into a computer system. Surveys can be used to assess land, evaluate boundaries, mark land improvements, mark features of interest, mark and measure dimensions, and make the necessary corrections. There are many different types of land surveys including topographic, hydrographic, and geodetic surveying. All three of these types of surveying require special equipment and specialized knowledge. They are also very labor-intensive.

Surveys are regulated by the state and local government agencies that supervise land surveyors. There are three levels of land surveyors in North America. A land surveyor may be an individual or a business. If you are interested in getting a degree in surveying then you can look at online universities that offer degrees in land surveying. You can take the classes in your spare time or work full time at your day job.