Beekeeping Guide – How to Get the Hives Ready for Bee Pollen Collection

bee box

A bee box is a container in which to house your beehive. These are also sometimes known as beehive boxes, hanging baskets, or boxes. It provides an area for the bees to deposit honey and work, and it also gives the bees a place to lay their cells or wax combs.

What to Need For Beekeeping Guide

Honeybees typically only work during the daytime, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep your hive out all day every day. In addition, it’s not necessary to keep the hive near food or water sources; a simple box placed in a strategic location will supply the bees with shelter and a place to produce honey. They will also work during the nighttime hours, although they will probably not be as productive as in their prime. They will still produce a harvest during the other four-game hours of the year.

Although it is not necessary to feed your honey bees every day, you should place a food source inside the bee box during the day and then feed them with some pollen during the night hours. This strategy will increase the yields you receive from your beehives. Placing some pheromone scented oil inside the box is a great way to attract the bees to your beehive for pollination and nectar collection. The oil, mixed with water, makes a very attractive place for the bees to collect and deposit nectar for the hive.

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