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Tantra School is an uncommon religious institution dedicated solely to the true ancient tantric teachings. The ultimate mission of the Tantra School aspires to boldly fulfill the needs of seekers from all over the world by presenting ancient tantra, yoga, and meditation with clear and accessible methods to everyone. It aims to make its teachings easily accessible through an extended network of instructors and tantra teachers. Tantra has been viewed as a progressive science of life in the East and is currently rapidly spreading to the West in search for answers to age-old questions about sexuality, love, and life. It is this expansion that has led to a unique synthesis between Eastern and Western principles of spirituality. Find out – embodiedawakeningacademy.com

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Tantra school is affiliated to the International Association of Ancient Tantra and is accredited by the Commission on Tantric Education. The school teaches the study of tantra as an educational science and integrates religious tantra rituals and teachings with advanced tantra practices to produce a comprehensive system of spiritual life. It seeks to integrate these two aspects in order to provide its pupils with a full knowledge of the profound secrets of ancient tantra and to help them understand the nature and path of modern contemporary spirituality.

Among the primary aims of tantra school is to present tantra to the modern seekers with the comprehensive secrets of ancient tantra. It also teaches its pupils the ancient three schools of tantra – Jnana, Kriya, and Maha-Vairocchinnas. The goal of this secret knowledge is to enable people to reach Nirvana, or liberation from the wheel of samsara, without losing their individuality or personality. The secret teachings of these three schools of tantra are not intended to replace the need for specific spiritual paths like meditation, sadhana, or yoga. Rather they are meant to supplement and enhance the path followed by those paths and to help students gain a deeper understanding of their tantra teacher’s secrets.

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